Lake Keowee Septic Program

Fixing Septic Tanks Helps Residents & the watershed
Fixing Septic Tanks Helps Residents & the watershed

Failing septic systems have the potential to release pollutants such and bacteria and nutrient overloading to groundwater and surface water, which can pose human health risks to lake users and cause algal blooms. To protect the water quality of our recreational, major economic, and drinking water resource, Lake Keowee Source Water Protection Team (LKSWPT) has partnered with SCDHEC to offer financial assistance for septic system repairs or replacements to eligible landowners within the watershed, as well as information to help septic users maintain their systems properly. 


Regular Maintenance Prevents Problems
Regular Maintenance Prevents Problems

Septic systems can become compromised if not properly maintained. It is important to have your septic system regularly serviced to prevent malfunction or failure. 

Regular maintenance is more affordable than dealing with major problems. However, if your system is experiencing a malfunction, the LKWSPT may be able to help.


If you believe your septic system is in need of a repair, visit the links below to take the next steps to apply:


Click here for the SEPTIC APPLICATION.


Funds are available to offset the costs of septic system repairs or replacements on properties in the Lake Keowee watershed on a first-come first-served basis. See the map below for where funding is available.

For more information, contact Scottie Ferguson: 



View the Watershed:

If you are located within the watershed area, you may be eligible for cost-share assistance!

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