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Protecting Lake Keowee
Protecting Lake Keowee

The Lake Keowee Source Water Protection Team (LKSWPT) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization formed by Duke Energy in 2017 to monitor and protect the water quality of Lake Keowee. LKSWPT consists of seven organizations working together to ensure Lake Keowee's water is safe for residents, for recreation, drinking water consumption, and for energy-production. We provide educational information, manage grants for septic system repairs and replacements, connect landowners to land protection opportunities, and partner with other organizations for the shared goal of maintaining and protecting the watershed. 

What part of Upstate South Carolina is in the watershed? Find a map of the Lake Keowee watersheds here.

Our Goals and Objectives

The Lake Keowee Source Water Protection Team (LKSWPT) works to protect, maintain, and improve water quality in the Lake Keowee watershed by addressing both existing water quality issues and identifying potential issues associated with continued development of the area. 

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Outreach Efforts
Our Outreach Efforts

Our current areas of focus include:

The Septic Program, which offers funding to qualified residents to repair or replace failing septic systems in the Lake Keowee watershed.

The Adopt-A-Stream Program, a volunteer citizen science program for monitoring and tracking local water quality. 

You can explore other local volunteer opportunities here.

our members

Duke Energy and the Clemson Cooperative Extension act as advisory board members.

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