Surface Water Modeling




The LKSWPT contracted with Clemson University (Dr. Ashok Mishra, Dr. Anoop Valiya Veettil, and Dr. Earle Hayter) to develop a surface water modeling system for Lake Keowee utilizing the Soil and Water Assessment Tool (SWAT) watershed loading model and Environmental Fluid Dynamics Code (EFDC) three-dimensionally hydrodynamic and water quality model.  The SWAT model provides input for the EFDC model and was developed utilizing a subset of the basins flowing into Lake Keowee.  


The sub-basins, Cane Creek and Little Cane Creek, were selected based on the data intensity for the streams. The EFDC is a public domain model of the entire lake that can simultaneously simulate the hydrodynamics of a water body, along with water quality, and the transport of heat (temperature), sediment, and toxic chemicals.  This model will account for the discharge from Lake Keowee into Lake Hartwell and the boundary conditions that feed into the lake model including the discharge of flows from Lakes Jocassee and Keowee.